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Holy Bible
Antioch at Study focuses the attention of the congregation on important contemporary issues that warrant deeper investigation and prolonged discussion. This ministry develops and gives structure to various educational initiatives throughout the year. The ministry's task is to promote Biblical literacy that goes beyond a simple knowledge of texts but critically engages the text in a way that brings the Word alive in our lives today.
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The Arts Ministry is comprised of various groups that enhance the church's knowledge of God through creative expression. These groups provide unique worship, theatrical, visual, educational, and cultural experiences to the church membership at various church functions.
Church School Ministry
The Church School - The mission of the Church School is to teach God's Word in a developmentally appropriate manner to all members of the congregation through direct teaching and open discussion. The Church School meets the challenge to facilitate the learning of scripture in order to make it relevant and applicable for our modern social context using skits, songs, puppets and various learning aids. The Church School promotes Christian maturity, character and spirituality through sound biblical knowledge.
Deaconate Ministry
Diaconate Ministry - The Diaconate Ministry assists the Pastor with the pastoral care of the church. Their personal care for the temporal and personal needs of the members enables the congregation to always have direct access to the spiritual support of the church. The Diaconate consists of Deacons and Deaconess.
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Health Ministry - The Health Ministry ensures that Antioch is ready for any emergency, ensuring that members have optimum initial responses to their health needs while at church. This ministry promotes awareness of public health concerns and medical information while making the link between spiritual and physical health.
Media Ministry
Media Ministry - The Media Ministry provides optimum amplification at all church functions.  It facilitates the sharing of information on multiple platforms (audio, video, web site, social media).
Holy Bible
Men’s Ministry - The Men’s Ministry encourages Christian Fellowship among men. A primary goal is to strengthen men in their roles as responsible men of God, husbands, fathers, sons, friends and community servants. The men learn how the scriptures support their aspirations to live a full and victorious life.
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Missions Ministry - The Missions Ministry facilitates the church’s missionary outreach within our Antioch Family and to our local community.
Church School Ministry
Worship/Music Ministry - The dynamic Worship Ministry supports the broad missionary and evangelical vision of the church by focusing on developing that vision through the gift of music. The ministry of music enriches the church’s various worship services by ministering to the congregation in songs and hymns that support praise and worship. There is a Chancel Choir, a Men’s Chorus, and a Youth and Children’s choir.
Nursery Ministry- The nursery provides dependable, safe and organized childcare during Sunday morning worship and at special services as needed.
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Scholarship Ministry The Scholarship Ministry encourages the youth of Antioch to continue their education upon graduation from high school, disseminates grant and educational funding information, and highlights internship and employment opportunities. The Scholarship ministry evaluates scholarship applications and recommends awards from the Annie Y. Fisher College Scholarship Fund. This ministry provides ongoing mentoring to college students throughout their rigorous educational pursuits.
Church School Ministry
Social Justice Ministry - The role of the Social Justice Committee is to stay abreast of contemporary socio-political issues and bring them to the church’s attention. The committee will determine what issues are most important to our church.
Trustee Ministry
Trustee Ministry- The mission of the Trustee Ministry is to assist the Pastor in administering and maintaining the real properties of the church. The real properties include monies, buildings, and land.
Usher Ministry
Usher Ministry- The Usher Ministry is the “first touch” of the ministry of Antioch Baptist Church at various services. This ministry greets people at the doors of the house of God in a friendly and spiritual manner distributing bulletins and other literature as needed. Ushers conveniently seat members and visitors without disrupting the order of the worship service. The Usher Ministry facilitates our worship experience by making sure each person is comfortable enough to participate in the service.
Church School Ministry
Women's Fellowship Ministry - The Women’s Ministry encourages Christian Fellowship among women. A primary goal is to strengthen women in their roles as responsible women of God, wives, daughters, mothers, friends and community servants. Importantly, the women learn how the scriptures support their aspirations to live a full and victorious life.
Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry - The Alpha and Omega Youth Program provides programs for the youth of the church that promote their spiritual growth, Christian fellowship, social awareness and academic success. The objective is to meet the specific needs of youth to enable them to become spiritually mature adults and remain active believers throughout their Christian life.

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Sunday Church School – 9 a.m.
Sunday Morning Service – 10:45 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study – 7 p.m.
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